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This is the best blog. A fantastic blog. Unlike the other failing blogs, this blog is not a fake blog. It is the best blog. Read this blog if you want to experience my great and unmatched wisdom.


Coz That's All That Matters

I have done a lot of stuff. Primarily because I have always wanted to go broad rather than deep with my interests, I tend to play the role of learner and teacher as well as builder.

  • Experience helping enterprises of all sizes (from startup to fortune 100) integrate systems, acting as a bridge in communication between developers, infrastructure, architects, and leadership.

    Enterprise Architecture

  • Deep background in "cloud-first" thinking, using IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS in combination to create optimal solutions for single-cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid-cloud configurations.

    Cloud Computing

  • Proven experience designing and implementing n-tier systems in complex enterprises.

    Traditional Application Design

  • Pragmatic and realistic thinking in implementing micro service and serverless applications, incorporating a progressive approach for both greenfield and brownfield projects.

    Micro Service & Serverless Application Design

  • Experience working with security and compliance personnel to prioritize and implement secure systems on-prem or in the cloud.

    Information Security & Compliance

  • Because stock photographers seem to be limited to showing white men pointing at floating translucent symbols as a way to represent complex technical concepts through metaphor, I have chosen many for you to view.

    Picking Stock Photos

  • Fosters a business-first approach to system development, ensuring that the line of business is served by both the software and the approach to developing the software.

    Business Systems

  • A thought leader in application programming practices and programming language innovation, pushing developers to align their practices with the platforms of choice.


  • Deploys automation and processes to support organization efficiencies and compliance demands.

    ALM and DevOps

  • Leads diverse teams by encouraging others to find their strength and fostering healthy team dynamics.

    High Performing Teams



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